About Our Foundation

The Autism Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that responds to the changing needs of the autism community through neurobiology research, education, family life resources, and social inclusion programs.

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Dr. Margaret L. Bauman created The Autism Research Foundation in 1990 to ensure progressive autism research would never stall due to a lack of funding. We support multidisciplinary collaborations throughout the autism field everyday thanks to the financial and volunteer contributions of our strong supporters. You don’t need prescription to buy generic latisse online

We believe

  • Every individual with autism has the right to positive outcomes and a meaningful life.
  • Autism is a multifaceted, heterogeneous disorder that will likely have multiple causes and treatments
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration is the best way to approach the care and treatment of people with autism
  • We have a collective duty as autism professionals to presume competence and find ways to access it
  • All professionals should have first-hand experiences with autism in other environments

Everyone deserves to live a meaningful, healthy, and happy life. Our charity works to make that happen everyday.

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theautismresearchfoundationAbout Our Foundation