Our mission is to make autism science, education and therapy approachable and affordable for all families through brain-based research.

Current Interests

Autism & Aging

The first generation of people diagnosed with autism in childhood are now reaching middle age, and many mature adults who “slipped through the cracks” before then are being diagnosed for the first time.

Co-Morbidities & Disruptive Behaviors

Most individuals with autism do not just have autism. Autism usually presents with another challenge or disorder, but until recently, co-morbidities have barely been acknowledged.

Job Survey for Adults with ASDs

Our goal is to provide an overview of current concerns, practices, and factors influencing meaningful employment and recommendations for increased participation in the workplace.

Stress in GI Disorders & Autism

About 70% of all individuals with autism report some GI discomfort. If we can identify & treat GI issues, some autism symptoms may be less severe.

Estrogen & the Brain

Autism occurs 4x more in boys than girls. We are looking at the ways sex hormones in the brain - like estrogen - may impact autism severity.

Sensory Processing in Animal Models

Animals have a remarkably similar physiology and anatomy to humans, which means we could also have similar healthcare treatments to those developed on animals.

Mitochondrial Disorders

Investigating the impact of mito disorders in autism may help alleviate a small percentage of the ASD population while helping researchers better define subgroups.

Current Projects

Neurochemical Profile Analysis

Evaluating the unique roles certain chemicals in the brain have & their specific impact on people with autism.

Brain Atlas Project

Mapping the structural similarities & differences between typical brains & brains with autism to share with researchers around the world.