About Our Charity

The Autism Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that responds to the changing needs of the autism community through neurobiology research, education, family life resources, and inclusion programs.

We believe

  • Every individual with autism has the right to positive outcomes and a meaningful life.
  • We have a collective duty as autism professionals to presume competence and find ways to access it
  • Autism is a multifaceted, heterogeneous disorder that will likely have multiple causes and treatments
  • All professionals should have first-hand experiences with autism in other environments
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration is the best way to approach the care and treatment of people with autism

Everyone deserves to live a meaningful, healthy, and happy life. Our charity works to make that happen everyday.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Margaret Bauman Founding Director

"Dr. B" is a distinguished pediatric neurologist and research investigator who has been a pioneer in the study and treatment of autism for over 30 years.

Courtney LaPorte

Courtney LaPorte Executive Director

Trained professionally, invested personally. Courtney runs our day-to-day events and operations.

Kevin Gilroy Founder, Athletes 4 Autism

He's the definition of team player: from BU's 2009 NCAA Ice Hockey Championship Team to Founder of our Athletes 4 Autism Team.

theautismresearchfoundationAbout Our Charity