August 2013

Art 4 Autism

Art offers any individual the opportunity to express emotions creatively and freely: a form of therapy that is approachable and affordable. Through Art 4 Autism, student artists share their studio space and lend their talents to helping others express themselves. Professional artists often choose to donate a percentage of gallery sales to help sustain this program, which is a great form of cause marketing and support of continued, therapeutic creativity in your own community.

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Inclusion Programs

At The Autism Research Foundation, there is something for everyone… and we believe it should be that way.

Inclusion programs engage kids of all ages and abilities in art, athletics, employment, and social events that encourage respect and appreciation for each other’s differences. An inclusion program can have positive impacts on learning and development, as it often leads to long-term social and academic success.

At The Autism Research Foundation, we believe that there is so much to appreciate in each individual autism spectrum diagnosis. Every kid has his or her own pattern of growth that requires different learning strategies. With the addition of an inclusion program, we can celebrate these differences in a way that brings everyone together.

Our immediate mission for our inclusion programs is to provide a rich and high-quality learning environment for all participants, so that they can optimize the experience to best fit their individual needs. Each day, we work on improving our inclusion programs because our goal as a foundation is to “improve the quality of life for those experiencing autism now.” As we look ahead to the future of our foundation and its program, we hope to make all of our inclusion programs available to everywhere and to provide a program structure that is replicable for volunteers to start managing themselves.

The inclusion programs listed below are just the first of many ideas that The Autism Research Foundation believes will be successful and helpful for the autism community. To learn more about each individual program, please click on the appropriate area below.


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theautismresearchfoundationInclusion Programs
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