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Thank you for choosing to donate to The Autism Research Foundation in support of brain-based research, inclusion programs, and educational resources in your community. Simply click here to read how your donations will help us help others everyday or choose how you want to contribute from the buttons below!

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When You Donate Dollars, Our Charity is Able To:

Advance our understanding

Multidisciplinary collaboration is key to learning about a complex disorder like autism.

Develop effective interventions

Long-term research will create strategies that both maximize and minimize symptoms of ASDs.

Produce educational resources

Accessible and affordable information via our website, clinic and research sites & annual conferences.

Host social inclusion programs

Free activities led by our trained volunteers in sports, art and employment.

We operate entirely on community donations. None of our work would be possible without your help.

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    Support a Young Autism Professional $25

    With diagnoses of ASDs rising, our community needs more caregivers. Young students interested in autism are invited to participate in our research & daily programming to understand how they can best help our ever-changing needs.

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    Support a Kid Struggling in School $100

    Kids with ASDs often need expensive, out-of-pocket evaluations to prove their special needs in a classroom, but most families cannot afford them. Help us give small scholarships to many kids!

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    Build New & Free Community Programs $2500

    Research takes a long time, but improving a person's quality of life doesn't have to! We provide free academic and extracurricular activities for kids with autism and their families. Your donation helps us expand the areas we serve.

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    Underwrite a Research Study $5,000.

    We are operating 9 short-term and 2 long-term research studies through our Boston-based lab. Help us advance one, some, or all research agendas by underwriting the expense of equipment and the awesome scientists who use it.

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    Sponsor Our Think Tank $25,000.

    We share our resources with a multidisciplinary researcher network: keeping research costs low and results high for the autism community. Every year, we bring this network together for an intensive 2-day collaborative think tank that results in research partnerships and advancements.

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    Host the Current Trends in Autism Conference $60,000.

    Parents and professionals come together in an inclusive 2-day meeting for exchanging experiences and multidisciplinary education. CTIA is their chance to get the most up-to-date information about ASD diagnosis, treatment and therapy; learn the newest research findings; and discover important services that benefit individuals in the autism community.

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    Hire a Research Director $80,000.

    We desperately need more in-house leadership. The more directors we have, the more programs we can expand and the more donations we can collect.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are grateful for all donations because they help us continue to work to our mission of creating a comprehensive set of services for children and adults with autism. Thank you for your generosity and support.

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