Appreciating Autism Can Change Your Life

Autism changed my life.

Not because I have autism (I don’t), but because my outlook on my own life changed when I chose to pay attention to the autism community around me.

Awareness of your own life is a choice.

Awareness of autism is a choice.

There is so much to learn from this growing community, like how people with autism and their families celebrate life daily:

  • Trying new foods
  • Learning new words
  • Making genuine eye contact with people
  • Initiating social activities, like playing a game or eating a meal with company
  • Working at a meaningful job
  • Hugging or high-fiving friends

These may seem like everyday occurrences to you, but when was the last time you stepped back to appreciate the “little things” that make life your so big and beautiful?

You should know that what the typical population calls “little things” are really “big things” to someone with autism. Autism makes socializing challenging. It makes change and newness uncomfortable. It makes learning difficult. When we live in a world that demands we socialize, change, and learn everyday, that makes life with autism pretty darn hard.

Today, and everyday, I hope you might pause and be grateful all of your “little things” a little more: thinking about how hard enjoying life can truly be for someone on the spectrum, but appreciating that they and their families can still find the time to celebrate a beautiful moment.

When you choose to acknowledge how great, often easy, and enjoyable your life is, you are choosing to acknowledge there are people who may not have it as great, easy or enjoyable at times.

It’s uncomfortable, but it’s the truth that we all can help families experiencing autism by acknowledging that we know they get the shorter end of the stick. Don’t avoid families with autism because you think you’ll make them feel bad about their lives; instead, support them by saying “I See You” and I see how different this is for you and celebrate their family’s successes wholeheartedly.

When you choose to be aware, you enjoy your life even more, and you see the opportunities you are gifted everyday to make someone else’s life that much more enjoyable, too. Remember, the little things really are the big things.

Please join in the mission of our 2 great friends, Dan and Mary Beth, as they Walk Across America for Autism Awareness.

There’s a whole lot of goodness to appreciate and celebrate out there. Will you be aware and share?

Start with sharing this post on Facebook: it might seem like a little thing to you, but it can lead to big things for someone else.

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