Students play the most important role in helping the autism community.

You are the ones who will stand up for your peers who are bulled. You are the ones who will speak up for change in the classrooms and workplace. You are the ones who will inspire others to stop judging and start up better programs that will show respect, tolerance, and appreciation for individuals with autism and their unique abilities.

Because autism doesn’t mean you’re disabled.

It means you’re differently abled.

And you have what it takes to remind people of that in ways that thoseĀ old folks just don’t know how.

So thank you for checking out the ways you can help. You’re awesome just for being here. Click on the button below that sounds the most interesting to you or shoot us an email ( or tweet (@TARFautism) with your awesomely unique ideas. We cannot wait to work with you!

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Spread the Word

Whether you are just thinking about helping people with autism or ready to spring into action, you can always help us spread the word about our cause. Jump on your social media — using #autism — to tell people why they should stand up, speak up and start up for autism spectrum disorders.

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