Why should I use social scripts?

  • Helps teach routines, expectations, and behavioral standards in an alternative way
  • Reinforces correct behavior
  • Presents information in a story format
  • Provides visual examples of behavior expectations
  • Provides a more personalized and tailored behavioral intervention
  • Helps involve you (students) in the learning process

When should I use social scripts?

  • When you are having trouble understanding social norms, routines, and expectations, like walking down the hall, using restroom facilities, following lunch procedure, using manners, using greetings, asking for help properly, etc.
  • When you are feeling disorganized, unprepared, or disheveled

How do I start using social scripts?

You have a choice of how you would like to start using social scripts:

  1. Look for a pre-made social scripts in the resources list below
  2. Create your own social scripts using our guidelines, or
  3. Do both! Take one of our existing social scripts and adapt it to your own specific needs.

Ask your Resource Room teacher for assistance if you need help creating a social script or getting one started!


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