Brain Tissue Freezer Needs Replacement

As we have begun planning for the 2014-2015 academic research year, The Autism Research Foundation has identified multiple material needs to advance its neurobiology work.

Most importantly, Dr. Margaret Bauman’s autism lab at the Boston University School of Medicine will require the purchase of a new brain tissue freezer to replace an outdated model in January 2014.


Her existing tissue freezer is at-risk for malfunctioning and has already suffered a substantial power shortage due to old age. Luckily, our staff was prepared to remedy this emergency this time and all of our tissue is safe, secure and uncompromised, but we do not want to rely on unreliable equipment in the future. There is no guarantee that the power shortage will not happen again, so we have rented a more reliable tissue freezer to use in the meantime.

What’s so risky about a power shortage with the brain tissue freezer?

Brain tissue is the most valuable component of our research. It is something we cannot buy or sell; individuals with and without autism choose to donate their brain tissue to science by remembering The Autism Research Foundation in their wills and after-life care plans.

The brain tissue freezers are set at a strict -80 degree Celsius temperature, which keeps the valuable tissue in optimal working condition when we are not physically investigating the tissue at our lab benches.

When a power shortage occurs, that important -80 degree Celsius temperature is not maintained and we risk thawing the brain tissue. If this happens, the brain tissue is damaged and cannot be used for research anymore.

How can I help?

This new replacement freezer will cost The Autism Research Foundation $20,000.00. When you donate toward our new brain tissue freezer, all funds go directly toward the purchase of the new, vital equipment. Every little bit helps!

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