Meet Our Staff

Grace Bourey

Executive Assistant

Dedicated to making a difference, one voice at a time.

I became a member of The Autism Research Foundation to help create equality for those who have autism. Autism is a widely misunderstood disorder and by spreading awareness and knowledge, I am confident we can change lives everywhere. Currently, I am preparing for a career in Speech-Language Pathology, so that I can help get that conversation started both in and outside of the clinic.

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Kelly Landrigan

Communications Coordinator

Class assignment turned life assignment.

I first became involved with The Autism Research Foundation through its inclusion program, Athletes 4 Autism, which I was writing about for one of my major requirement classes during my freshman year. I initially chose to write about A4A because I had been involved as a childcare aid for an autism spectrum support group my senior year of high school. After working with A4A for a month, I fell in love with the organization, so I decided to offer my help if they ever needed it. After months of badgering A4A to let me help out, I finally got my chance and I have not looked back since!

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Lindsay Rosen

Science Media Coordinator 

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein.”

My experiences and relationships have led me to view autism not as a disorder, but as a unique lifestyle that we should all make an effort to understand and appreciate. I am proud to be part of an organization committed to improving understanding and awareness of this lifestyle. Joining The Autism Research Foundation has given me the opportunity to work with a dedicated staff, equally passionate about improving the lives of individuals affected by autism as they are about improving their own lives. What’s better than that?

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Ritika Shah 

Advertising Coordinator

Roped in by friends, hooked on by faith.

It was summer of 2013, 2nd week of May when my roommate, best friend, and now boss, Kelly asked me to help her redesign an Athletes 4 Autism  advertisement as we sat around watching the Bruins game. As it turns out, the A4A team loved it! Before I knew it, I was going to clinics every Sunday for the rest of summer, where I made a 5-year-old friend with Asperger’s named Henry. He proved to me that inclusion programming can help anyone grow by leaps and bounds; Henry didn’t know it, but he was teaching me that summer!

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Diana Alessandrini

Family Resource Coordinator

An inspired, dedicated sister.

The Autism Research Foundation is dedicated to helping families and individuals gain information about autism, which is my life goal. My twin sisters both have autism, and their experiences have inspired my career path in the special needs community. TARF was the perfect starting point.

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Lucia Morris

Social Media Coordinator

Spreading the word one tweet at a time.

I chose to become involved with The Autism Research Foundation because I fully believe in the foundation’s mission to continually raise funds and awareness for such a relevant cause. I fully support and admire the efforts and successes of the TARF family, of which I am fortunate enough to be a part.

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