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You have the opportunity to fundraise for whatever you feel is most meaningful to contribute to at our charity. Share your personal story with friends and family, remind them to contribute by sending emails or posting on Facebook, and thank them when you receive a donation confirmation letter. Personalizing your fundraising increases donations, awareness and support faster and easier than standard campaigns!

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  • We wanted to use our life's goal of walking across the country to help kids with special needs cross their own boundaries through the Athletes 4 Autism program, so we created our own donation page to share our story with friends in one easy-to-access place. They follow our progress, share our story, and encourage others to do the same all through social media. Donations have since tripled, meaning we are helping Athletes 4 Autism 3x more than we ever thought we would. Amazing!

    Dan and Mary Beth Reardon Dan and Mary Beth Reardon, Walking Across America for Autism

Check Out Dan and Mary Beth’s Fundraising Page

Click on the image above to view the full fundraising page made by Dan and Mary Beth, including update videos and stories 🙂

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