Our Mission

The Autism Research Foundation’s mission is to respond to the changing needs of the autism community through neurobiology research, education, family life resources and inclusion programs.

Founded by pioneering autism researcher and pediatric neurologist Dr. Margaret Bauman, The Autism Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our work builds on Dr. Bauman’s scientific work to understand the underlying biology of autism and her humanitarian vision of improving the quality of life for individuals experiencing the disorder.

Every endeavor at The Autism Research Foundation begins with multidisciplinary collaboration. We understand that autism “in the home” and autism “in the clinic” can be two very different scenarios, and we make every effort to bring parents and professionals together to learn from each other. We understand that individuals living with autism are presented unique and more frequent challenges than the average person, and we work to make every community compassionate around them.

The Foundation achieves its mission by hosting professional and family community events, like The Autism Research Consortium Think Tank and the Current Trends in Autism Conference, which encourage an open dialogue for sharing between the two groups that see autism differently each day.

theautismresearchfoundationOur Mission